5 Ways Clients Benefit from Telehealth

1. Easy Access to Care

Online therapy allows clients who have limited access to mental health services to receive the care they need. Telemental health can also serve individuals with physical disabilities who otherwise may find it challenging to attend appointments.

2. Reduced Fear of Stigma

Some clients might be hesitant to seek treatment for mental health issues due to stigma. Online counseling encourages clients of all backgrounds to get help in the privacy of their homes, without the fear of someone seeing them.

3. Convenience

It's much less of a hassle for clients to visit a counselor via their computer than have to get in their car, deal with traffic, and drive to a physical location. Virtual therapy removes obstacles for clients who can't drive or do not have a car.

4. Greater Protection Against COVID-19

Therapists and their patients must find ways to protect their health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many therapists are turning to online therapy as a way to connect with clients while reducing the risk of spreading illness. Virtual therapy can be an excellent tool to ease clients' anxiety during this unprecedented time.

5. Access to Effective Treatment

Research suggests virtual therapy is just as beneficial, and in some cases, more so, than traditional face-to-face sessions. According to a University of Zurich study, 53% of the study's participants no longer met the criteria for depression after undergoing online therapy. In comparison, 50% of those who participated in face-to-face sessions weren't depressed anymore. Both patient groups reported a high degree of satisfaction with their treatment, whether it took place online or in person.