Common Questions

Will therapy help me?  How will I know if it will work for me?

Will therapy help me? This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions.  Therapy can be beneficial for people in diverse situations, when performed by a trained, caring professional.  It is also true, as it is with so many things in life, that what you get out of therapy depends on what you put into it. Together, we will discuss what your needs are, define the goals of therapy to your satisfaction and make a plan to be followed during the therapy so you will know what to expect and approximately how long it will take.

Will the therapist tell me what to do?

No.  Some people have the mistaken belief that seeking counseling or therapy is the same thing as turning your decisions over to someone else.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Consulting with your therapist is part of making the best decision you can by talking things over with a neutral third party.  And as your therapist, I will never take a decision out of your hands, nor ask you to substitute my judgment for your own.

I will assist you to explore your feelings and thoughts and to look deeply into the hopes and dreams you have for yourself that underlie the surface situation.

Will therapy help me in a break up?

For most people, a break up is usually a period of great upheaval and a tremendous amount of pain and loss.  If you are going through a break up, therapy can provide support and a place to experience feelings without being judged, and when it’s time, a source of help and planning to move on with your life.

Will therapy help me? Will it change who I am?

Will therapy help me?  Will it change who I am?  These two important questions express the mixed feelings people often have when deciding to try therapy.  On the one hand, you want help and to be free of your pain, while on the other hand, you wonder whether seeking help will risk more, emotionally, than you are comfortable with. These are very normal questions people have when considering therapy or counseling. Rest assured that your therapy would not change the essence of which you are as a person, nor cause you to lose deeply held values that are important to you. Instead, I will assist you to focus on the improvements you want to make, even if all you want is simply to improve your quality of life.

If I decide I want to start therapy now, what do I do?

That’s easy!  Just call me for an appointment.  I’m Kim Shaffer, and I can be reached at 207-991-5818.  I’d like to hear about what’s brought you to this point, and we can find out if I am the right therapist for you at this time in your life.

If it happens that it isn’t going to work for the two of us to work together, no worries.  I’m happy to provide a referral to another therapist, if you would like.  You’re welcome to call if you have more questions about me or the services offered.