Creating an effective and balanced media diet won’t be easy. You will likely encounter pushback, threats, negotiations, and pleading. But it will be worth it.
Try Using Kim’s 5 C’s
1. Self-Control: Monitor your own triggers and take a time-apart when necessary to regroup. 
2. Compassion: Remember how hard it is for your child biologically to stop using technology and incorporate some empathy. 
3. Collaboration: Work with them for solutions instead of forcing rules on them so they have buy-in. 
4. Consistency: Aim for regularity in whatever program you create, not perfection. Explain exceptions when they occur. 
5. Celebration: Notice signs of cooperation, make eye contact and verbally acknowledge what you’ve observed to build on the wins. 
Remember, meet kids where they are, not where you think they should be. Have sympathy for yourself too. It’s easier to accept your child and their challenges when you can do this personally. Always feel free to reach out to me at